Sunday, April 16, 2006

Interviews for PGSEM 2006

Interviews for the PGSEM 2006 course were held on 14th and 15th April. Around 400 candidates (a guesstimate) were called, and interviewed for around 10-25 minutes by a panel (usually two professors). The topics covered ranged from Current affairs, the SOP details, current work roles, to anything that came to the mind :)

An observation : There is NO use bluffing in the interview (I didn't) - unless you are Ms Catherine Trammel (Basic Instinct) ;)

Now the wait for results begin ...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

PGSEM Interview Shortlists

The PGSEM Admissions office has started intimating the candidates who have been shortlisted for PGSEM 2006 interviews, to be held on 14th and 15th April 2006.

I received one such email, and am waiting for exact details regarding the interview timings. It should also be put up at the IIMB Website in some time.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is the MBA overrated?

Businessweek has this article titled "Is the MBA overrated?, which
provides a contrarian view to the widely held belief that an MBA makes
or breaks a career in top management.

From the article :

"... For those who do opt for the B-school route in the hope that it
will land them a top job, they shouldn't be surprised to learn that the
degree, whatever its merits, is optional. In fact, the road to
executive success that leads through B-school is, when it comes right
down to it, the road less traveled."

PGSEM Exam update

The PGSEM examination for admissions into the 2.5 year PG Diploma in Software Enterprise Management at IIM, Bangalore was held on March 19th (Sunday). This was for the 2006 batch starting around June 2006. This was just one of the ways of being considered for admission : other examinations whose score can be used include CAT 2005 and GMAT.

There was some interesting information regarding the number of applicants this year. For a total of around 140 seats, around 750 applied through the PGSEM Entrance examination, 140 through their CAT 2005 scores, and 40 through GMAT. Only 70-odd of the 750 PGSEM exam takers were from Chennai.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Official AWA Score : 5.5/87%ile

Got my Official score report online. The Verbal/Quant and Overall scores remain unchanged, and the AWA is 5.5 (87 %ile). Unfortunately, this score report does not provide a breakup of the scores for the 2 essays.

The AWA score is decent, considering the fact that I did not practice a single essay. I enjoyed writing both the essays, though - especially the Argument.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

GMAT Score

Gave GMAT Yesterday. Got an average score .. 710 (Math 48, Verbal 40). That's more than what to expect after studying for just about over a week.

Will post a few debrief posts, requested by folks at gmattutor and gmat yahoo groups, later.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Correct and Incorrect Idioms

This post will be a repository of correct and incorrect idioms from a GMAT point of view. Some of these are gramatically correct in English verbiage, but if GMAC says "no!', no it is !

Feel free to add your own in the comments section !

Correct Idioms

  • "so ... as to be ..." (Source : KV says this is often correct)
  • "credited with" (Source : KV)
  • "associate...with" (KV)
  • "compare with" is the preferred form. Use "compare to" for abstract or figurative likeness only (Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?) (KV)
  • "dispute over" - When "dispute" is a noun. (KV)
  • "just as ... so too.."
  • "in danger of"
  • "linked to"
  • "not ... but [rather, merely]
  • "not so... as"
  • "not so"
  • "perceive as"
  • "prohibit from"
  • " to be"
  • "so...that"
  • "superior to"

Incorrect Idioms

  • "so as" : so as to promote (Source : KV)
  • "consider to be" (KV) (AS in : I consider you a good friend)

Choosing between two commonly-used idioms
  • Use "among" for more than two items, "between" for two items (KV)
  • Use "like" to compare nouns, "as" to compare actions (When the following part is a clause) (KV)
  • Use "both" to point similarities, "each" to point differences. "Each" is always singular
  • Use "twice, thrice" for comparision; "double, triple" is used as a verb only.
  • "each other" is for two things; "one another" for more than two.
  • If v/s Whether : If there is a choice between the two, use "whether". On GMAT, "if" is primarily for if/then type sentences.
  • like v/s such as : Use "such as" when possible. On GMAT. "like" is used when implying "similar to"
  • "native to" for plants/animals. "native of" for people

Abbreviations :

KV: Kaplan Verbal

Sentence Correction Notes

This is a continously updated list of rules/tips/tricks related to GMAT SC.

  • "and also" is considered redundant in GMAT (Source KV), For eg : both for food and also for labour. Here, also can be removed. Correct phrase : both for food and for labour
  • A list of standard noun forms are considered preferable to a list of gerunds in GMAT (Source KV). For eg : The creation..the establishment is preferred over Creating..establishing

Friday, January 06, 2006

45 days left - Summary

  • Started preparations seriously.
  • Studied Verbal using Kaplan verbal.
  • Spent time going through the strategies for all the verbal sections (except AWA).
  • Did the practice section of SC (The one after the tips). Got 12/15, with 1 silly error.

Created a couple of blog entries which are to be added to. These will keep a list of
  • Idioms
  • SC Notes

Ready Set Go

Today is the day when I kickstarted the GMAT preparation in earnest. From now on, it is to be a regular affair, with a minimum of a couple of hours on weekdays and atleast 6 hours on weekends.

Between December and now, I have kept up with some basic reading, PS, and looking for material. I have given a few practice sections, but no full length test.

My GMAT is on Feb 20th, which leaves me with around 40 days. I am sure that it is going to be hectic, but enough to prepare for a great score.

I will be keeping a more detailed log of my preparation, with a summary of each day's efforts.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

IIMB PGSEM Application Form

IIMB has released the details of the application process for PGSEM 2006. The details are available here

Applications can be made online as well as through mail. The deadline is 28th February 2006. You need to have the CAT or GMAT scores while submitting the application. Alternately, you can specify that you want to take the PGSEM Entrance Examination (to be held on March 19, 2006)