Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sentence Correction Notes

This is a continously updated list of rules/tips/tricks related to GMAT SC.

  • "and also" is considered redundant in GMAT (Source KV), For eg : both for food and also for labour. Here, also can be removed. Correct phrase : both for food and for labour
  • A list of standard noun forms are considered preferable to a list of gerunds in GMAT (Source KV). For eg : The creation..the establishment is preferred over Creating..establishing


Rakesh Arora said...


I am working with an IT firm as Senior consultant and interested to join PGSEM course.
My question here is : Can I join the course along with my job ?
Are people studying in this course are able to manage the same?
As written in the portal, classes are on Friday and Saturday only.

Target PGSEM said...


Yes. you can do the course along with the job. That is the whole point of this course :)

It becomes a bit hectic managing work-life-study, but the academic enrichment is worth the pain.

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Jyotsna Baviskar said...

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