Saturday, November 19, 2005

Verbal Reference : Common Errors in English Usage

Common Errors in English Usage is a great book which is available online too. Very useful for SC, Verbal, and AWA sections.

Friday, November 18, 2005

What Should I Do With My Life ?

A nice article, even if a bit long. Read it when you are free.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Information Overload

There is way too much GMAT material here on the internet. Every other preparation group or forum has tons of links available. Click happy people like me have a field day (week? month ? ) downloading all the stuff thinking it will all be useful.

This is one of the worst things to do while preparing for GMAT (or any other competitive exam). In fact, forget preparations, Information overload has invaded all aspects of our life..But I digress...

Coming back to GMAT... I have decided to stick to only the following material for now.
  • GMAT Official Guide (Lovingly called OG) : This is the bible, and is out in its 11th Edition now. I have a print copy of the 10th Edition, which will be sufficient. Not much changes between the two, so I have heard.
  • KAPLAN : Have read great things about its Verbal.
Only these two and I am done. I hope others reading this also realize the folly of downloading more stuff, and concentrate on quality, not quantity :)

MBA on your own is a great DIY mba idea. This originated as a reading list of a couple of dozen management and personality development books, which, if read properly, could provide most of the education that a full time mba strives to provide - minus the high cost and lost employment opportunity for a year or two.

Even if this goal seems lofty to some, the books are bestsellers in their respective domains, and reading them would surely be useful - even if you want to go ahead with a more formal mba program.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GMAT Ahoy !

PGSEM accepts scores from any of the following 3 examinations :
  • CAT
  • PGSEM Entrance Examination to be held on March 18th 2006
  • GMAT
Since CAT has already gone out of the bag (no preparations, work), I will be concentrating on the GMAT examination. To add to the already difficult preparation schedule, GMAC (the guys who are in charge of GMAT) have decided to change the test administrators from ETS to Prometric starting from 1 Jan 2006.

While this in itself is not a major cause for concern, and people in the US who have taken the new test say that it is the same format, rumours abound of a change in scoring pattern and difficulty level.

Until these rumours are substantiated, its business as usual preparing for the GMAT. The OG (Official Guide, aka bible) 11th Edition was just out here in India, and seems, to a few, to have somewhat tougher tests.

However, the reviews for the book mention little difference in the question level/pattern, and only some new questions

Monday, November 14, 2005

Obligatory First Post

Thanks for stumbling upon this blog. This place is a repository of information related to IIM, Bangalore's PGSEM MBA program. I will be placing references and information, right from preparation for the entrance exam (GMAT, which I will be taking) to the course itself (eventually - when I get in !)

Later ...