Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PGSEM Exam update

The PGSEM examination for admissions into the 2.5 year PG Diploma in Software Enterprise Management at IIM, Bangalore was held on March 19th (Sunday). This was for the 2006 batch starting around June 2006. This was just one of the ways of being considered for admission : other examinations whose score can be used include CAT 2005 and GMAT.

There was some interesting information regarding the number of applicants this year. For a total of around 140 seats, around 750 applied through the PGSEM Entrance examination, 140 through their CAT 2005 scores, and 40 through GMAT. Only 70-odd of the 750 PGSEM exam takers were from Chennai.


Anonymous said...

Do you know when will the results of the pgsem test be announced?


Target PGSEM said...

Sometime around 31st March (hopefully on that day).

All the best ! :)