Sunday, April 16, 2006

Interviews for PGSEM 2006

Interviews for the PGSEM 2006 course were held on 14th and 15th April. Around 400 candidates (a guesstimate) were called, and interviewed for around 10-25 minutes by a panel (usually two professors). The topics covered ranged from Current affairs, the SOP details, current work roles, to anything that came to the mind :)

An observation : There is NO use bluffing in the interview (I didn't) - unless you are Ms Catherine Trammel (Basic Instinct) ;)

Now the wait for results begin ...


Kay Yes said...

Hey, Any idea when the results would be out?

Target PGSEM said...

May 1st Week, latest ! Hopefully before that :)

Kay Yes said...

Thanks! :) I have mailed those guys asking about this! Let us see the reply!

BTW, may I know who you are?