Monday, November 09, 2009

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted here - around 3 years ! The 3 years were being utilized to finish PGSEM (the program which this blog was about). It's been a very eventful 3 years, on academic, professional as well as personal fronts.

Will resume posting some tips as well as experiences from my PGSEM journey, plus some pointers to preparations. A lot of people target GMAT as the way to enter into this course (this is what I did), so I will also lean a bit more on GMAT prep with specifics to the PGSEM program.

If you have any specific question/topic you want me to cover, please leave a comment here or mail me on target.pgsem at gmail dot com and I will try to get back.

Stay tuned !


Anonymous said...


I am planning to take up GMAT for PGSEM.Could you please advise on the course materials i should start working on ?

Thanks in Advance.

Vijay said...


In general, for a min experienced guy (2-3 yrs), what do u think is the required GMAT score to get a call for PGSEM call?

Anonymous said...

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Alagiri said...


I am having 5 years of Experaince. I want to do PGSEM. What test you suggest me to take GMAT, CAT or the PGSEM admission test? Which test is relatively easy to take. Please suggest.

Amrish said...


I have applied for the PGSEM exam but not really sure on how to start for the preparations. Should i study using CAT material or like i study using GMAT material ?

Could you please advice ?
Thanks in advance.


Target PGSEM said...

Generally CAT material is sufficient for PGSEM Tests.

GMAT score required is around 700 to be on the safer side. higher is always better !

balu said...

Hi, What is the target GMAT score for getting admission into the curse

Crackverbal said...

That's a really informative blog you got here. Very helpful for PGSEM aspirants! You should put up some more posts on your PGSEM journey :)

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