Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GMAT Ahoy !

PGSEM accepts scores from any of the following 3 examinations :
  • CAT
  • PGSEM Entrance Examination to be held on March 18th 2006
  • GMAT
Since CAT has already gone out of the bag (no preparations, work), I will be concentrating on the GMAT examination. To add to the already difficult preparation schedule, GMAC (the guys who are in charge of GMAT) have decided to change the test administrators from ETS to Prometric starting from 1 Jan 2006.

While this in itself is not a major cause for concern, and people in the US who have taken the new test say that it is the same format, rumours abound of a change in scoring pattern and difficulty level.

Until these rumours are substantiated, its business as usual preparing for the GMAT. The OG (Official Guide, aka bible) 11th Edition was just out here in India, and seems, to a few, to have somewhat tougher tests.

However, the reviews for the book mention little difference in the question level/pattern, and only some new questions

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